Ustabelle processes personal data. We do this to  assist you in the best possible manner. In this privacy statement we try to sketch a clear picture detailing what happens to personal data. If there are any unanswered questions after reading this document, please email these to

What is personal data? 

Personal data are any information relating to an identified or identifiable person. Examples of personal data are: name, date of birth, home address, and domicile. This information is shared whenever an order is placed or when an account is created on the website.  

Why do we process personal data? 

Personal data are used for different purposes. The most important purpose is to finalize an order. Personal data are required for delivering the order to the right address and to correctly process payment of the order. In addition, personal data are stored to allow us to reach out to you in case a problem arises with your order. 

 What type of personal data do we process? 

We process personal information for various purposes. Since this information is left behind in different places, we have compiled a list of all the personal data that are stored: 



What do we need it for? 

First and last name

These are required for moments of contact and delivery. 

E-mail address

The email address is required for all our email contact. 

Home address and domicile

The home address and domicile are required for delivering the order to the right place. 

Payment details

The payment details are required for processing, administering and verifying the payment. 

Telephone number

This allows us to establish contact quickly in case of uncertainties about an order.


This is used to adapt a website according to personal preference and allows us to intervene in case of abuse of the website. 

Company name 

This information is solely relevant for orders made by a company. It allows us to draw up the correct invoices. 


 We use the personal data for the following purposes: 


The account

This is a personal account on the website in which all personal data can be viewed and changed. If an account is created, a confirmation email is sent to the specified email address. 

Customer service

Customer data are left behind for us to know who we can contact and in what manner. 


Newsletters are only sent out if and when permission has been granted to do so. It is just as easy to subscribe, as it is to unsubscribe, for the newsletter. 


We are very happy with reviews on our product! This allows everyone to get a clear picture of how other customers value the product. 

Return shipping

This allows us to transfer the money back to the right bank account in case you are not satisfied with a product and choose to send it back. 

Purposes related to orders 

When an order is placed we send out a confirmation email. 


Some personal information is required to deliver the product. 


 We do not intend to store and process personal information of people younger than 16 years of age. However, we are not always capable of controlling whether the person placing an order is in fact 16 years or older. In case you suspect that personal data are being stored of someone younger than 16, we would like to be informed. For the matter to be dealt with, send an email to


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 Access and right to rectification 

As stated in the Personal Data Protection Act, you always have the right to access your personal information and make the necessary changes. For access and rectification, you can email

 How long do we store personal data? 

We do not store personal data longer than necessary. The information recorded when placing an order will be removed from our system 6 months after the order. Personal data that are linked to an account are stored as long as the account remains active. In addition, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any moment, after which that information will also be removed immediately. 

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Authority personal data
Of course we always want to help as well as possible with regard to personal data. For more information you can contact the Authority for personal data.
Current Privacy Statement
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